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This list shows who is responsible for each channel in TV-Browser. Besides this list there are some plugins that get data from other sources. For details see here. There you find plugins that grab data from a VDR, from other devices (e.g. Dreambox) or other applications.

Missing a channel? You want to offer a channel yourselfs? If yes, please read this article.

For RTL, Pro7 and a few other german stations we don't offer descriptions for every show due to a licensing issue with VG Media.

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ChannelOffered byPlugin
SBS Food Network SAoztivo.netDataHydra
SBS Food Network Tasoztivo.netDataHydra
SBS Food Network Vicoztivo.netDataHydra
SBS Food Network WAoztivo.netDataHydra
SBS HD Victoriaoztivo.netDataHydra
SBS NSWoztivo.netDataHydra
SBS NToztivo.netDataHydra
SBS Qldoztivo.netDataHydra
SBS SAoztivo.netDataHydra
SBS Tasoztivo.netDataHydra
SBS Vicoztivo.netDataHydra
SBS VICELAND Canberraoztivo.netDataHydra
SBS VICELAND NSWoztivo.netDataHydra
SBS VICELAND NToztivo.netDataHydra
SBS VICELAND Qldoztivo.netDataHydra
SBS VICELAND SAoztivo.netDataHydra
SBS VICELAND Tasoztivo.netDataHydra
SBS VICELAND Vicoztivo.netDataHydra
SBS VICELAND WAoztivo.netDataHydra
SBS WAoztivo.netDataHydra
SBS World Movies NSWoztivo.netDataHydra
SBS World Movies NToztivo.netDataHydra
SBS World Movies QLDoztivo.netDataHydra
SBS World Movies SAoztivo.netDataHydra
SBS World Movies Tasoztivo.netDataHydra
SBS World Movies Vicoztivo.netDataHydra
SBS World Movies WAoztivo.netDataHydra
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Sci Fioztivo.netDataHydra
Sci Fi +2oztivo.netDataHydra

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