Instructions for Mac OS X

Since Mac OS X 10.8 software has to be signed to be installed without problems with Gatekeeper. As we are not able nor willing to pay for signing TV-Browser, you need to disable the Gatekeeper before installing TV-Browser. After successfully installing TV-Browser you can enable it again.

There are two options to disable Gatekeeper, at least the complete deactivation should work if option one will not:

  1. Run programs without Gatekeeper
    Press the Ctrl key on your keyboard and keep it pressed, click on the icon of the TV-Browser installation package and select Open.
  2. Disable Gatekeeper for installing of unsigned software
    Select Apple menu -> System Preferences… -> Security & Privacy
    Go to the tab General and select Anywhere under Allow applications downloaded from:.

Note: Since we are unable to create the OS X version of TV-Browser we need someone to send it to us, so the OS X version of TV-Browser is mostly delayed for some time after release of the other platform versions, so look here again in some days if only the former version is available here:

Download for Mac OS X with Java since version 11: tvbrowser_4.2.3_macjava.dmg from 2021-05-09
SHA1: f39b32955db4f1937d075c67c661accf5d2b0fe6
MD5: a8c7229da51b0a0814c1c7b8aa386201

The needed JRE for Java 11 is available at