Remote control software

DeaDBeeF Controls

Version: Author: René Mach

DeaDBeeF Controls can be used to control DeaDBeeF with buttons in the toolbar. Who liked foobar2000 and miss it under Linux should try DeaDBeeF. It's a great lightweight music player with a similar look like foobar2000 for Linux. You will feel at home with DeaDBeeF.

Since TV-Browser Version 3.0.2

Updated: 2022-02-28, Downloads: 3.309/3.309Download for Linux


Version: Author: Ullrich Pollaehne

Manage DVBViewer Pro record list. Allow start and switching direct from context menu of a program.

Since TV-Browser Version 3.2


Updated: 2022-02-28, Downloads: 9.452/17.472Download for all operating systems


Version: Author: René Mach

FoobarControls can be used to control foobar2000 with buttons in the toolbar. Like I think the best music player for Windows systems. The GUI of foobar2000 is simply not ugly. If you like the Windows 2000 look you will like foobar2000. And behind it's simple GUI it contains great features.

Since TV-Browser Version 2.6

Updated: 2022-02-28, Downloads: 6.059/6.059Download for Windows


Version: Beta Author: Michael Keppler

Enables you to see a selected channel in FreetuxTV.

Since TV-Browser Version 2.7.4

Updated: 2022-02-28, Downloads: 9.788/9.788Download for all operating systems

Lazy Bones

Version: Author: Henrik Niehaus

Lazy Bones can control a VDR (by Klaus Schmidinger). Lazy Bones supports the programming and editing of recording timers and comes with a remote control (similar to vdradmin).

Since TV-Browser Version 4.2.3


Updated: 2022-02-28, Downloads: 497/15.699Download for all operating systems


Version: Author: Martin Thelian

A TV-Browser plugin to control a MythTV-backend.

*) V1.0.0.4:
- Support for TV-Browser 3.3.2

*) V1.0.0.3:
- Support for MythTV 0.27

Since TV-Browser Version 3.0

Until TV-Browser Version 3.3.2


Updated: 2022-02-28, Downloads: 3.391/3.391Download for Windows Mac OS X Linux

Recording control

Version: Author: TV-Browser Team

Starts an external program with configurable parameters

Since TV-Browser Version 3.4.1


Updated: 2022-04-13, Downloads: 4.442/103.074Download for all operating systems


Version: Author: René Mach

This Plugin can be used to start external applications.
The idea is to switch to a channel in a TV application. (That's why it's named SwitchPlugin)
The source code is in the package.

Since TV-Browser Version 3.0.1


Updated: 2022-02-28, Downloads: 6.183/13.281Download for all operating systems


Version: Author: Joerg Mertins

Allows to control the Personal Video Recorder Shareware Videotimer.

Since TV-Browser Version 2.2.2


Updated: 2022-02-28, Downloads: 14.701/14.701Download for all operating systems


Version: Author: Pav

TvStreamRecord plugin for TV-Browser. TvStreamRecord is a Synology NAS package designed for recording TV streams. TvStreamRecord URL (e.g. should be specified in TV-Browser plugin settings (w/o last backslash). Channel sync uses channel name, make sure your channels are named as in TV-Browser. Additional info could be found in TvStreamRecord-Log. Changes since 1.0.1: Program to record will now be highlighted, marked with tvstreamrecord color and icon and shown in tree view. Records can be canceled again directly from TV-Browser. tvstreamrecord >= 1.3.3 required.


Updated: 2022-02-28, Downloads: 3.188/4.207Download for all operating systems

Twitter Plugin

Version: Author: Ludwig Peters

Send messages to

Since TV-Browser Version 3.3.1


Updated: 2022-02-28, Downloads: 5.533/5.533Download for all operating systems

VDR recording

Version: Beta Author: Martin Goebel

Shedule a VDR timer from the context-menu of a program.

Since TV-Browser Version 2.7

Updated: 2022-02-28, Downloads: 6.959/6.959Download for all operating systems

WinTVCap_GUI/SimplePVR Scheduler2

Version: Author: René Mach

The WinTVCap_GUI/SimplePVR Scheduler2 is a plugin to support easy scheduling of WinTVCap_GUI and SimplePVR recording. It also allows to start instant recordings and LiveTV if you're using WinTVCap or GBRecord.
The source is contained in the package.

NEW: Added support for SimplePVR.

For help or questions please post in the WinTVCap_GUI-Forum.

Since WinTVCap_GUI version 3.6.

Since TV-Browser Version 3.0


Updated: 2022-02-28, Downloads: 7.539/12.189Download for all operating systems

XMediaGrabber Timer

Version: Author: Geist Alexander

Store and delete XMediaGrabber timer

Since TV-Browser Version 2.2.2


Updated: 2022-02-28, Downloads: 6.031/6.031Download for all operating systems


Version: Author: Dieter Stockhausen

With the Zattoo plugin you can use the right mouse button to open the current program in Zattoo. An upcoming program can be highlighted and will be opened in Zattoo as soon as it starts.

Since TV-Browser Version 3.2.1


Updated: 2022-03-12, Downloads: 995/13.765Download for all operating systems