Instructions for Windows

IMPORTANT: If you update TV-Browser from a version before 4.2 you should deinstall TV-Browser first without deleting the settings.

TV-Browser is provided in different packages for Windows. Those packages target different user groups, for normal users it's suggested to use the Carefree package, this includes everything you need so TV-Browser will run directly after installing it. For power users (or those that already have installed Java 11 JRE/JDK on the system) a Lite package is provided, that doesn't include Java.


Package File name
Carefee package (includes Java)
for 64bit:
from 09.05.2022
SHA1: 381294ddac5b8feaf55592722694c26319cbcd5a
MD5: a07387ce17c48ffd3a730d633778e5eb
Carefee package (includes Java) for 32bit:
from 09.05.2022
SHA1: 11dcf5799f715e9602510cd8b4d70d062ee447b4
MD5: 04788191182468439b8a9fc3451589c2
Lite packages (without Java) 32bit/64bit:
from 09.05.2022
SHA1: 59b7cb2a366d51f5008539ae81333a0be77f1dec
MD5: 49bf0352d0c7ab9d7acf9879bfc55bf2

Java for TV-Browser when using the Lite package or the transportable version

Because the Lite package and the transportable version aren't including Java you will have to install a JRE on your system for TV-Browser to run. You can use the TV-Browser JRE, which only includes components that TV-Browser needs to run or alternatively the complete JRE Eclipse Temurin by Adoptium. If you choose to use Eclipse Temurin by Adoptium make sure to select the writing of the Registy entries for the JRE, without those entries in the Windows Registry TV-Browser will not find the installed Java. For the current version of TV-Browser it's suggested to use a Java 11 JRE, which also is the minimum version for TV-Browser to run.