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This list shows who is responsible for each channel in TV-Browser. Besides this list there are some plugins that get data from other sources. For details see here. There you find plugins that grab data from a VDR, from other devices (e.g. Dreambox) or other applications.

Missing a channel? You want to offer a channel yourselfs? If yes, please read this article.

For RTL, Pro7 and a few other german stations we don't offer descriptions for every show due to a licensing issue with VG Media.

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ChannelOffered byPlugin
Cartoon Networkoztivo.netDataHydra TV and radio TV and radio
CCTV International Englishoztivo.netDataHydra
CCTV International Mandarinoztivo.netDataHydra
CCTV Newsoztivo.netDataHydra
Central GTS/BKNoztivo.netDataHydra
Ch31 Adelaideoztivo.netDataHydra
Ch31 Melbourneoztivo.netDataHydra
Channel NewsAsiaoztivo.netDataHydra
Channel Voztivo.netDataHydra
Channel V2oztivo.netDataHydra
ClanTV-Browser TeamEPGfree data
channel icon
ClassicaTV-Browser TeamEPGfree data
Club Voztivo.netDataHydra
CNBC Australiaoztivo.netDataHydra
CNN Financial Networkoztivo.netDataHydra
CNN Internationaloztivo.netDataHydra
channel icon
Comedy CentralTV-Browser TeamEPGfree data
Comedy CentralTVsajtenDataHydra
Country Music Channeloztivo.netDataHydra
Crime & Investigationoztivo.netDataHydra
D4 Newsoztivo.netDataHydra
Da Ai TV2oztivo.netDataHydra
channel icon
Das Erste (ARD)TV-Browser TeamEPGfree data
channel icon
DELUXE MUSICRené MachEPGdonate-Daten
Deutsche Welleoztivo.netDataHydra

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